About VidCareer

How it Works

VidCareer is an online recruitment platform, connecting businesses with potential candidates through the the power of video.

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Market Research

VidCareer recently received grant funding from EIRA (Enabling Innovation, Research to Application) to support essential market research. The purpose of the research was to explore the challenges of recruitment faced by both candidates and employers, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also to discover the need for a platform such as VidCareer. The results of the research will soon be available here. If you have any questions about the market research, please contact us at vidcareer@outlook.com.

The Founder

Sybil Mayard, the founder of VidCareer, recently graduated from the University of Kent with an MSc in Computer Science.

The concept of VidCareer started as an entry into the Big Ideas competition 2018 at the University of Kent. VidCareer, (formerly known as Codable), was chosen as the winning entry, and as a result Sybil was awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Virginia Tech, USA. Representing the UK, she competed against 12 other teams in the Global Entrepreneur Challenge 2018.

Read more about the Global Entrepreneur Challenge finalists on the VT KnowledgeWorks website, or see the article on page 6 of the Winter 2018 edition of the University of Kent's GradPost.

Please see photos of the competition below.

This startup is supported by ASPIRE at the University of Kent.

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Other Startups

Sybil also runs Sybiltech, providing website development and e-commerce services for small businesses.

She is also a director of Blue Horizon LNW, a recording studio based in South East London.

ICO Registration Details

VidCareer are registered with the ICO (Information Commisioner’s Office). Please find our registration details below.

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